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Embrace Diversity

Posted by: on Mar 20, 2017 | No Comments

In all its forms…  And this week it will mostly be Russian, as I’m off to Moscow tomorrow to work with the Russian leadership team of a global pharmaceutical company!   As I print my flight tickets, I notice I have none of the anxieties that accompanied my first visit last November.  Will I understand the transport signs? (No) – Will I get to my hotel safely? (Yes) -Can I hold my own in a round of vodka shots? (Still a matter of opinion).  This trip,  sub zero temperatures and shocking traffic are my only real concerns.  Applying these observations to my coaching work, it suddenly becomes clear how valuable “future pacing” can be in helping clients prepare for key events.   So if you have any key events coming up, why not give it a go.  Visualising the future  enables you to mentally rehearse and have the experience of dealing positively with an event  before it actually happens.  And thinking through all possible scenarios will give you the confidence to know you can cope with anything life throws at you!  Anyway, enough for now, in the words of Tim Lovejoy, “Mos Go!”