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Gaining Perspective

Broaden & Brighten Your Perspective

By May 8, 2017No Comments

Last week I was in Mery-Sur-Oise, Paris delivering a strategic thinking development session for a new client.  It was without doubt an idyllic choice of venue – an ancient Chateaux, set in the middle of manicured lawns & walled gardens. Sunshine glistening off the surface of a tree lined lake, tempting me to take my group outside.  Now, for all the strategic models I shared, I’m convinced the best learning was the importance of time & space on one’s ability to reflect.  Sadly, we can’t always work in such beautiful & serene surroundings, but we can all find ways to broaden & brighten our perspective, to give ourselves the necessary space & sense of freedom to do our best thinking.   So, my question for you today, is how can you improve the conditions you create for reflection in your everyday life?

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