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Executive Coaching is working with an individual to help them articulate their goals, inspiring them to make changes to the way they behave to achieve them.

Assignments vary by client but can usually be grouped into:

1)   Leadership Coaching which is typically offered to:

Accelerate Leadership Transitions:

  • When a leader transitions from one level of leadership to a more senior level
  • When an external leader requires support to transition efficiently into an organisation

This type of coaching supports executives to articulate and translate their vision of the future into tangible action plans by creating strategic thinking space to work through the resources they need, challenging their plans, providing feedback and overcoming any potential barriers to success. We explore how focussing all their energy on their ambitions can impact other priorities and their role and reputation within the wider Executive team. We consider what changes if any are required to their leadership style to achieve their objectives. Potential areas might include building executive presence or improving personal impact. An important area often overlooked is energy management, and how leaders maintain their motivation, manage their well-being and work life balance, to ensure they are consistently able to perform at the peak of their potential.

Some assignments address how executives build and maximise the effectiveness of their team, as well as being a safe place for them to discuss their concerns, and to practise any difficult conversations they need to have. I am proud to say I have coached leaders to achieve world class engagement levels in their teams, as measured by Gallup, and to attain and exceed their annual objectives.

Accelerate Business Transformation:

  • To support the increase in individual and team performance and productivity when leading a major change.

This type of coaching might examine mindset, values and beliefs, culture – the climate that they will be creating in this change, examples being where organisation is seeking to embed a coaching culture or drive engagement levels, restructure or deliver on a specific programme of work.

2)  Performance Coaching    

  • To Accelerate High Performance when leaders require a behavioural change to be even more effective.

This type of coaching typically means supporting leaders to address a specific capability gap or make changes to their leadership style, eg. to develop more flexible ways of leading their teams or managing their priorities

3)  Development Coaching

  • To accelerate the potential of senior leaders, as part of a leadership development programme. 

This type of coaching supports programme delegates to get the most out of their learning, to apply learning back in the workplace and discuss the results, to manage the tensions of work / life / study that you usually experience as part of a development programme, to manage the changing relationship with their manager and direct reports as the client experiments with their new leadership styles. And ensure the company gets a ROI on their development investment.