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Have a Holiday… everyday.

By August 31, 2017February 2nd, 2019No Comments

  When I set up my own company I took the decision that August would be my Non-working month.  A time to hit the reset button, relax and re-energise with my family.  And I love it – just take a look at one of the beautiful sunrises I enjoyed on the beach last week at Muddeford Spit.  My experience is that the complete break from technology lets my imagination wander, giving me space to consider all sorts of incredible possibilities that normally I never find the time to do.   I feel more creative, and more open to notice and challenge assumptions I have been holding.

Taking a break from your normal routine is now commonly recognised for the positive impact it has on employee wellbeing.  Getting ‘proper’ un-interrupted rest is so important that many organisations insist employees take at least 2 weeks of their annual leave in once block, to give them adequate time to unwind and relax.

Now, I recognise I am very fortunate, and taking every August off work  is a luxury that’s not open to everyone, so I have been pondering how can I maintain the same benefits, the same free holiday spirit & potential for  creativity on every other day of the year!

So throughout September I’m going to be experimenting to find an answer to that question:

  1. I’m going to take time out daily to keep that holiday feeling by watching the sunrise over coffee or the sunset over tea (and the odd cocktail)
  2. I’m purposely allowing my mind to wander, to see what ideas pop up
  3. And I’m disconnecting from technology an hour before bed.

As you watch the sunset tonight, why don’t you treat yourself to some mind wandering too!

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