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I wanted to share with you some of the books that have inspired my coaching. I have listed these below along with a link to Amazon so you can take a look at the summary, and a whole range of reader reviews to find out more if you are interested.  I set myself the challenge this year to read a new book every 2 weeks, some of them in French!  I hope you enjoy my recommendations, and find something that piques your interest!

The Coach’s Coach by Alison Hardingham – I was given this as the core text reference book to accompany my coaching studies at the Henley Business School. For anyone wanting to understand the coaching relationship better and deepen their coaching practice I would highly recommend it.

Coaching for Performance by John Whitmore – this is also a core text from the Henley programme. It introduces the GROW model, which is the basis for many coaching sessions. A good book if you want to start developing your coaching skills.

Time to Think by Nancy Kline –  This is a great book to get people thinking for themselves and have more productive meetings, solve business problems, build stronger relationships.

Strengths Finder by Tom Rath – I really like this.  It’s incredibly positive, and based on the belief that we all have so much more potential for growth when we invest energy in to developing our strengths instead of correcting our deficiencies. You get to do an on-line questionnaire, a bit like a cosmo quiz to reveal your hidden talents. You then put together a practical action plan for applying your strengths in your everyday life.  I’ll confess, it was a bit of a relief when developer appeared as one of my top 5!  I hope you enjoy discovering yours.

How to Lead by Jo Owen – a straightforward book on leadership that I am constantly recommending to people. It is great for those just starting on their careers, middle managers and senior managers.

Books I have been recommended or sent that I have not read yet are listed below:

Susan Scott – Fierce Conversations

“F**K it” – the ultimate spiritual way by John C Parkin –  someone sent this to me anonymously for which I am extremely grateful, as it looks fascinating.

Please feel free to send me your recommendations.  Always happy to take a looks at books that have changed the way others think, feel, behave…