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Welcome to Coach in the City, providing coaching for  individuals and businesses to increase their effectiveness, performance and results.

Jane Cox Business CoachingThe key benefit of working with me over other coaching providers is quite simply me, and my approach. I work with you and your organisation to put together a totally personalised programme to help you understand and achieve your goals.  I am there for you, supporting and challenging you to recognise the changes you need to make to be more effective.

You will get a coach who believes in your potential.  A coach who appreciates you are unique, with your own set of personal challenges. A coach who will work with you, and wills you to succeed.

Working in this way requires a tailored approach and a high level of commitment and skill to enable exactly what you need to help you be effective in your particular context.  I deliver this in a very practical and down to earth way. I help individuals to measurably improve their performance. I enthuse them to clarify, set and achieve the goals that really make a difference to them and their businesses.

On this site you will find further details about the services I can offer you, and information to help you to select the right resource to get the results you want.

If you prefer, feel free contact me for a coffee, chat or  complimentary coaching consultation.