What I offer | Coach in the City

My Approach I offer coaching and development solutions for individuals and businesses to enhance their effectiveness, performance and results.

My approach is to tailor a uniquely personal coaching programme for you, to enable you to fulfil your potential and achieve your goals.

A typical assignment will include:

  • an exploratory phase to define coaching needs. It is important for me to understand what’s driving you or your manager’s decision to invest in coaching, and have a clear view of what a successful outcome would look like.
  • a contracting phase to agree with you and, if appropriate, your manager how and when coaching will happen, ground rules around confidentiality and the format for feedback on your progress.
  • data gathering and an analysis of your current and desired performance, (described in terms of skills, knowledge, experience, behaviours, values, mindset, etc). This may include gathering 360 feedback or undertaking psychometric assessments to enhance levels of self awareness.
  • goal-setting and working together to develop your coaching plan. Here we explore choices, and I might use forcefield analysis to assist with decision making, or visualisation and storytelling as tools to hone the action plan and pinpoint what will really motivate you to take action.
  • Taking Action ! You experimenting, building self belief and generally taking action to implement your agreed coaching plan.
  • measuring and reporting on our results.
  • and finally a period for you to transition from our coaching sessions to life post coaching. i.e. Committing to how you maintain your own ongoing personal development.

Throughout any coaching programme the tools I use the most are to genuinely listen and notice what is and is not being said, to be a safe sounding board, and to provide objective and trustworthy feedback. I will share the impressions I get from working with you and the impact you have on me to provide insight on how you might be perceived by others.

Coaching programmes vary in duration with a typical assignment taking 6 months to achieve enduring results.